Why Eyelashes Thin and Shorten and How You Can Fight Back

woman with thinning eyelashes

Grow old gracefully? Meh. It’s a cute idea, but most women we know between 30 and 85 keep a running list of the annoying changes that make graceful aging a difficult concept to swallow. Slower metabolism? Check. Aches and pains? Check. Thinning eyelashes? Ugh, yes, that too. Some of these bodily changes are easier to accept than others, but thinning eyelashes is not one of them.  

Long, thick eyelashes are both striking and enticing, and when they thin and shorten, it’s utterly disappointing. Who needs yet another reason to hate the aging process? So why do eyelashes thin and shorten, and is there any cure for it? Read on for more information about what might be causing your eyelashes to fall out and how you can fight back.

What causes eyelashes to thin and shorten?

Eyelashes can thin, shorten, or fall out for any number of reasons, from simple habits to normal aging to medical conditions.  Here are a few:

  1. Aging and menopause often result in hormonal imbalances that thin hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

  2. Rough treatment such as vigorous scrubbing while removing your makeup can result in the loss of eyelashes.  

  3. Allergic reaction to mascara is sometimes the cause of eyelash loss as well. And because mascara hardens your lashes while you wear it, sleeping in your mascara also increases the risk of eyelash breakage and shortening.  

  4. Eyelash extensions use a medical grade glue to attach to your natural lashes, and tugging them off rather allowing them to fall out on their own can result in thinning eyelashes. Pulling off false eyelashes without using an oil-based cleanser first to soften the glue also damages your natural lashes.

  5. Medical conditions such as blepharitis (mites or bacteria in the lash line), an overactive or underactive thyroid, psoriasis, or eczema can also cause eyelashes to fall out.  

  6. Excessive stress sometimes results in hair and eyelash loss. Trichotillomania is an anxiety disorder that causes people to compulsively pull out their eyelashes.  

  7. Chemotherapy drugs often cause hair loss all over the body, including the eyelashes.

Latisse eyelash treatment is the cure for short, thin eyelashes

If you have already made lifestyle changes to protect your eyelashes but aren’t seeing them grow in any thicker or longer, Latisse eyelash treatment may be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Latisse is a prescription treatment that you administer by applying the solution to the base of your upper lashes every night. The formula does double duty by prolonging the active growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle and increasing the number of eyelashes that are produced, resulting in gorgeous long, lush eyelashes. You’ll begin to see your eyelashes lengthen within 6 weeks so, with optimal results visible around 16 weeks.

It’s important to note that Latisse only provides results as long as you use it consistently. But we trust you’ll agree that the results far outweigh the few minutes it takes to apply the solution each night. The Latisse clinical trial results showed that participants found their eyelashes 25% longer, 106% fuller, and 18% darker! So prepare to be wowed by your luscious lashes.   

Disappointed with your short, thinning lashes? We can help!

At Siti Med Spa in San Diego, we’re always thrilled when we see the happy faces of clients who get the results they’re looking for. Latisse is a simple and highly effective treatment that countless clients around here swear by. And for good reason—it works!  

If your eyelashes aren’t what they used to be, give us a call at (619) 717-8484 to schedule a consultation and let’s get you on your way to the long, thick, dark lashes of your dreams.