Perfect Your Summer Beach Body With Laser Hair Removal

Perfect Summer Beach Bodies With Laser Hair Removal from Siti Med Spa  

Sand and sun, cocktails and tans, relaxation and vacation — summer’s almost here! The question is are you ready? New bikini? Check.  Slimmed and toned figure? Check? Hair removal? Ugh! It’s probably the least fun item on your summer to-do list, and if shaving or waxing is your go-to method, you’re going to have to do it again and again before the summer’s over.

So why not get rid of that unwanted body hair once and for all with laser hair removal? It might be the summer savior you’re looking for.

Why laser

There’s no human on earth who’s avoided the annoyance of body hair. Whether you’re looking to go completely bare from head to toe or just tackle those extra-troublesome spots like the legs or pubic area, Siti Med Spa laser hair removal is a permanent solution to a timeless problem. Imagine a world where buying razors, booking expensive waxing appointments, and searching for the next trick to cure bikini bumps are no more. With laser hair removal, your most tedious chore becomes a forgotten thing of the past.

How it works

At Siti Med Spa we use Cutera CoolGlide, the best laser hair removal system on the market. It works on all skin types, from light to dark, and even tanned skin. Cutera CoolGlide delivers a pulse of light that disables the hair follicles in a given area, and the handpiece provides a smooth, cooling sensation as it glides along your skin. 

Permanent hair removal requires 3-6 sessions, depending on the area(s) being treated. This is because all hair follicles in a given area aren’t on the exact same growth cycle, and the laser is only able to disable follicles in the active growth phase. You’ll need to wait 6-8 weeks between sessions to keep skin healthy and get the best results. Because of the time commitment, which by the way is 100% worth it, the best time of year you start your treatment is really whenever you want to do so.  Spring and summer are as good a time as any to get things going. 

Why start now

One reason to choose a summer start for your laser hair removal is that, although you may not be completely bare come beach time, you’ll see visibly less hair after just one treatment. That means that even if shaving can’t completely come off that to-do list just yet, you’ll sure be spending a whole lot less time on it. Less hair and less frequent shaving also means fewer bumps on your bikini line for a more carefree time in your bathing suit.

AftercareSkin is sensitive after each laser hair removal treatment, so it’s important to adhere to aftercare guidelines. For the two days following treatment you’ll want to avoid:

  • Working out

  • Sun exposure

  • Hot water and other potential irritants

Sounds like the perfect excuse for some indoor retail therapy, no? During this time, skin will be sensitive to high temperatures, but because of the time between treatments, your heat-free days will be minimal. No summer love lost there.

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