Laser Hair Removal: Frequently Asked Questions

woman on san diego beach who just got laser hair removal

Welcome all waxers, shavers, and users of depilatory creams!  If you’re ready to simplify your life and eliminate hair removal from your weekly or daily schedule, you’ve come to the right place.  Laser hair removal is a life changer. It can give you freedom from anxiety about impromptu dates and beach parties, and free up the time in your beauty routine that you need to perfect your glitter-dusted black smokey eye before your date arrives. 
Intrigued? Take a look below at our frequently asked questions about laser hair removal, and discover how Siti Med Spa in San Diego can help you achieve the smooth, hairless skin you desire. 

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal uses a special FDA-approved device that emits long-pulse laser heat to disable hair follicles in the active growth cycle. Once disabled, the follicles are no longer able to grow hair. Laser hair removal is an effective solution for getting rid of unwanted hair. And if you’re just looking to reduce the amount of hair growing in a particular area, rather than eliminating it completely, laser hair removal can do that, too. 

Is laser hair removal painful?

Most laser hair removal patients describe the sensation of the laser pulse as mild tingling or stinging.  At Siti Med Spa, we treat patients with the Cutera CoolGlide laser, which uses a specialized hand piece that cools and soothes skin during the treatment session, providing patients with maximum comfort. While we do also offer a topical anesthetic for sensitive treatment areas, many patients find it unnecessary. 

What’s the difference between at-home and professional laser hair removal?

Consider the difference between over-the-counter medications and prescription medications. One is typically stronger than the other, and only dispensed under the care of a doctor, right? Well, the same concept applies to at-home laser hair removal gadgets and professional laser hair removal treatment.  At-home gadgets are typically low-powered and not suitable for those with lighter hair or darker skin or tanned skin. The stronger, safer, and more effective solution is only available through a licensed professional.  At Siti Med Spa, the Cutera CoolGlide system we use is effective for all skin and hair combinations and even works on tanned skin.  

What areas of the body are safe for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is safe for just about anywhere your hair grows.  Common treatment areas include: 

  • Legs 

  • Chest

  • Back

  • Belly

  • Buttocks

  • Toes

  • Face

  • Bikini area

  • Underarms

  • Nipples

  • Ear

  • Arms


How long is a laser hair removal session?

The length of each laser hair removal treatment session depends on the size of the area being treated as well as the patient’s skin-hair contrast. The upper lip, for example, may take 5 to 10 minutes, while the lower legs may take an hour each.  And because we need to adjust the intensity of the laser for patients with less contrast between skin-color and hair-color, session times will vary. 

Why are multiple treatments necessary for laser hair removal?

Hair grows in three cycles, but laser hair removal is only effective on hair that is in the anagen, or active growth, phase. Approximately 15-20% of the hair in a given area is in the active growth at the same time.  This means that of 2000 hair follicles in one area, only about 300 will be disabled in a single laser hair removal treatment.  For this reason, most people require approximately 6 to 8 treatments to achieve beautiful, smooth, hairless skin. 

Ready to permanently remove unwanted hair? Schedule a consultation today.  

Laser hair removal is the best way to permanently remove unwanted hair and get smooth, touchable skin that’s ready to be shown off at a moment’s notice.  At Siti Med Spa in San Diego, we’re proud to offer laser hair removal with the Cutera CoolGlide system, which provides a comfortable, quick, and effective treatment, leaving you feeling clean, sexy, and ready for anything. Give us a call today at (619) 717-8484 to schedule a consultation today.