How Kybella Can Help with Double Chins


For most people, posing for a picture is the chance to capture a special memory: a wedding, a birthday party, a road trip, or even a spontaneous moment. But for those who are embarrassed by a layer of fat around their neck that sags down and creates a “double chin,” the very sight of a camera can stir up feelings of stress and anxiety.

Until recently, the only options for erasing a double chin were surgical – liposuction and/or a neck lift. Both of these procedures are somewhat invasive and require a few days of recovery time. But now, a non-invasive treatment is available to those who are unhappy with their appearance but are hesitant to go under the knife. 

Ladies and gentleman, meet Kybella. 

Get rid of your double chin and boost your confidence with Kybella!

Kybella is an exciting, new injectable treatment that uses a naturally occurring substance, deoxycholic acid, to melt away fat that sits under the chin. That’s right – a double chin blaster that comes in a syringe. Kybella works by destroying fat cell membranes, thereby releasing their fatty contents into the bloodstream. Your body then metabolizes the fat naturally, leaving you with a youthful and contoured profile.

“I’m slim from the neck down. Why have I been cursed with a double chin?”

In many cases, having a double chin has nothing to do with your weight. If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, you can probably blame genetics for your pesky second chin. A lot of families have a hereditary predisposition to store excess fat around the neck. 

Aging is another cause of the dreaded double chin. As you get older, you lose muscle tone. As a result, the muscles in your chin weaken and your skin becomes looser. While genetics and the inevitable aging process may combine to give you a double chin, the main cause is excess body fat. That’s where Kybella comes in.

What does a Kybella treatment entail?

When you first arrive at Siti Med Spa, we’ll start by cleansing your face and neck in preparation for the procedure. Then, we’ll inject Kybella into the fat under your chin. Anywhere from 12 – 20 injections will be necessary. Treatment isn’t painful, but some patients report a mild burning or stinging sensation at the injection site. 

A Kybella treatment lasts just 15 to 20 minutes and is performed right here in our office. Though you’ll notice the transformative effects of Kybella right away, you’ll need two to four treatments before you see a dramatic difference in your profile. 

Am I an ideal candidate for Kybella?

A double chin can make you look years older and pounds heavier than you really are. If you’re plagued by a pocket of fat under your chin despite eating healthy and exercising regularly, you may be a good candidate for Kybella. Those who have good skin quality and a very distinct appearance of fat under their chin will see the most dramatic results.

Want to get rid of your double chin? Come see us!

At Siti Med Spa, we’re dedicated to helping you love the skin you’re in. If you’re ready to blast that embarrassing layer of fat beneath your chin to reveal a youthful, contoured profile, give us a call to schedule a consultation. Our professional medical staff will be happy to provide a customized Kybella treatment plan to ensure you achieve the best results.