Why Men Should Consider Botox

Your age is written all over your face. Frown lines, crow’s feet, deep forehead creases: no one is immune from these unmistakable signs of growing older.

For years, Botox has been a popular and trusted method of combating the aging process, instantly smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles to help you appear fresher and younger. And while most Botox users tend to be women, there’s been a recent significant uptick in the number of men taking the plunge. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 400,000 men received Botox injections last year – a 4% increase from the previous year, and a whopping 355% increase over the past decade and a half.

So obviously, there are a whole lot of men getting Botox. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

Looking as good as you feel

A permanently furrowed brow can make you look angry. A cluster of crow’s feet can make you look weary. And there’s no two ways about it: wrinkles make you look older than you are. But you don’t feel angry or weary or old. Inside, you’re young and happy and spry. Unfortunately, the rest of the world can only see what’s presented on the outside. You only get one chance to make a first impression; why not do everything you can to ensure your first impression is a good one?

By eliminating wrinkles, smoothing out your brow, and banishing frown lines, you’ll appear happier, more relaxed – and noticeably younger.

Staying competitive

Age discrimination is real. In a recent survey from the AARP, over one-third of respondents reported firsthand experience with ageism in the workplace. Studies have also shown that a youthful appearance contributes to greater earnings for both men and women. With an increasingly tight job market, it’s important to do anything you can to maintain a competitive edge. Botox can help shave years off your appearance, giving you an advantage as you climb the corporate ladder.

Getting Botox is so easy

Injections can be administered in as little as 10 minutes, and there’s no downtime or recovery, so you can get it done on your lunch hour and get right back to work. There’s little risk involved, and the effects last up to four months, so there’s no need for frequent, inconvenient follow-up appointments.

Best of all, Botox is so simple and understated, no one will ever know. Bruising is uncommon in men, so there’ll be no evidence that you’ve had “work done.” There’ll only be the subtle smoothing of lines and wrinkles on your face.

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