Restore Facial Volume with Juvederm Vollure XC in San Diego

Aging takes an unavoidable toll on your face. Thinner skin and decreased oil production combine with bone and fat loss to create wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. Traditional facelifts can make you look younger, but they’re also costly, invasive, and risky.

Fortunately, you have other options. With non-invasive Juvederm Vollure XC from Siti Med Spa, you can reverse the signs of aging with targeted injections designed to restore your youthful contours with supple, smooth, natural-looking results.

What is Juvederm Vollure XC?

Juvederm has long been a trusted name in dermal fillers. Their VYCROSS technology combines low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the human body, to create an ultra-smooth gel that’s undetectable beneath the skin yet subtly restores youthful contours and erases signs of aging.

Juvederm Vollure XC is their newest formulation, created specifically to smooth out stubborn wrinkles, soften age lines, and plump up thin lips, with results that last up to 18 months.

What areas can I treat with Juvederm Vollure?

Juvederm Vollure XC can refresh and rejuvenate the entire lower section of your face. Specifically, it is designed to treat:

  • Parentheses lines

Also known as nasolabial folds, these are deep lines that form in the space between your nose and mouth. Juvederm Vollure XC can add volume beneath your cheek area to reduce the appearance of these lines, creating smoother skin and a more youthful you.

  • Marionette lines

Marionette lines are the wrinkles that run straight down your face, from the corners of your mouth to your chin. As you age, and facial volume continues to diminish, these creases can deepen and make you look both older and unhappy. Treatment with Juvederm Vollure XC can add volume instantly, making prominent marionette lines less visible.

  • Thin lips

Juvederm Vollure XC is an excellent lip filler, providing subtle yet shapely results. It can also be used to repair vertical lines around the mouth, which are often caused by age-related volume loss, and can revitalize and replenish the entire structure of your lips.

What can I expect from Juvederm Vollure XC treatment?

Before your face or lip injections, you’ll meet with a member of our experienced and attentive medical staff to assess your needs and decide on a course of treatment. The injection itself consists of a smooth gel mixed with a topical anesthetic, which will reduce your discomfort during the procedure.

Treatment is usually completed in under an hour, with immediate results and little to no downtime. Side effects may include light swelling or bruising, but they shouldn’t last more than a week. After that, you’ll enjoy your new youthful look for up to a year and a half, at which point you can return to Siti Med Spa for follow-up treatments.

Get Juvederm Vollure XC Dermal Filler at Siti Med Spa in San Diego

Turn back the hands of time and restore your youthful appearance with Juvederm Vollure XC at Siti Med Spa. To find out how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and reverse the signs of aging, call us at (619) 717-8484 to schedule an in-depth consultation.