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Non-Surgical Skin Tightening JuVaShape San Diego

Exercise, a balanced diet, and sufficient sleep are the foundation of health and beauty. But then you reach a certain age, and suddenly all the kale and crunches you suffer through can’t hold back the time. At that point, some of us begin to consider cosmetic surgery. But for those of us who aren’t willing go under the knife for the sake of restoring our youthful appearance, there’s JuVaShape.  

JuVaShape is the best non-surgical skin tightening treatment available, and it’s fast, affordable, and painless.

What is JuVaShape?

JuVaShape is an innovative laser technology that delivers UniPolar and BiPolar thermal energy to targeted areas of the body and face. When the laser is swept over the treatment area, the thermal energy stimulates the production of new collagen. Worried about pain? No need! Most patients compare the sensation to that of a hot stone massage. JuVaShape is safe and effective, and you’ll see begin to see results after the first session.

JuVaShape is the best non-surgical skin-tightening treatment out there, and in addition to requiring no incisions, no shots, and no downtime, our clients love JuVaShape because it:

  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

JuVaShape can target tough areas like deep smile lines or sagging jowls, but it can also smooth out finer lines like crow’s feet or marionette lines without involving anesthetics, injections, or messy creams.

  • Tightens stomach skin

Time, age, and childbearing can take a toll on our tummies. Whether weight loss or pregnancy have left you with flabby belly skin, JuVaShape can firm it up giving your core a firmer look so you look great in whatever you wear.

  • Eliminates cellulite

Cellulite is an unsightly nuisance that is difficult to combat. The JuVaShape treatments target loose, dimpled, and uneven skin on the entire body, even the legs and thighs, improving body contours and boosting bikini confidence.

  • Firms neck skin

Non-surgical neck tightening has never been easier, safer, or more effective. JuVaShape’s heated laser friction can be adjusted to target different depths, making it safe to use on the delicate skin of your neck and restoring its youthful firmness and tone.

JuVaShape is fast, effective, and affordable

The JuVaShape procedure lasts about an hour total, and there is no down time. Most patients resume normal activity immediately after the office visit. And because there’s no pain and no anesthetic involved, you can sit back and relax during the session. Most clients find that the treatment has a soothing effect on the skin.

While you may expect laser skin tightening costs to be expensive, JuVaShape is an affordable, non-surgical alternative to conventional plastic surgery, and it has proven results. Most patients see improvements in one session, but a package of six is usually recommended for the optimal long-term results.

Ready for tighter skin and firmer contours? Give JuVaShape a try!

At Siti Med Spa, our highly trained staff of nurse practitioners and RNs are committed to giving you the best possible service while helping you to look and feel amazing.  If you have questions about JuVaShape or any of our other procedures, give us a call, and we’ll guide you toward choosing the right skin-tightening or body contouring treatments for you. We’re dedicated to helping each of our clients feel rejuvenated, revitalized, and more youthful.

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