How to Choose the Best Cosmetic Filler for Your Needs

Best Cosmetic Fillers Siti Med Spa

Summer’s on the horizon, which means weddings, vacations, long days at the beach – and plenty of photo opportunities. Naturally, you’ll want to look your best, so why not take advantage of the wide variety of dermal fillers available that can help boost your beauty confidence and dazzle your Instagram followers?

Whether you’re in search of plumper lips, fuller cheeks, or smoother hands, here’s a guide to help you choose the best cosmetic fillers to meet your needs.

Juvederm: versatile lift and volume

Some of the most popular and versatile formulas for correcting lines, wrinkles, and facial volume loss come from Juvederm. This collection of dermal fillers is developed with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your body that’s used to retain moisture, promote softness, and add volume to your skin. Each product in the Juvederm collection is formulated specifically to treat different areas of your face:

  • Juvederm Vollure XC eliminates smile lines around your nose and mouth.

  • Juvederm Voluma XC adds volume to your cheek area, improving your contours.

  • Juvederm Volbella XC plumps up your lips and corrects vertical lip lines.

  • Juvederm Ultra XC smooths moderate to severe parentheses lines.

  • Juvederm Ultra Plus XC adds fullness to your lips and corrects moderate facial wrinkles.

Results from Juvederm appear almost instantly, and they’ll last from nine months to two years, depending on the formula used and the area in which it’s injected.

Restylane: natural-looking Beauty

Restylane products can reverse the signs of aging on both the face and the hands with natural-looking results. From sun-damaged skin to dilated veins and visible tendons, Restylane can bring a youthful look to the backs of your hands as well as to your face and lips.

Also made with hyaluronic acid, Restylane offers a range of formulas designed to a number of cosmetic concerns:

  • Original Restylane can be used to plump up your cheeks, correct moderate to severe facial folds, and smooth wrinkles in the corners of your mouth.

  • Restylane Lift can be used to add volume to both your cheeks and the backs of your hands.

With Restylane, results last between six and eighteen months, depending on your treatment areas and individual body chemistry.

Radiesse: immediate, long-lasting results

An alternative to hyaluronic acid fillers, Radiesse is formulated with calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), a mineral-like compound found in human bones. CaHA can help your body to stimulate natural collagen growth, so treatments with Radiesse not only provide immediate improvement to your appearance, but they also have the potential for much longer lasting results – up to a year or more.

Radiesse is an ideal option for treating a wide variety of facial wrinkles and volume loss, including smile lines, marionette lines, chin wrinkles, and lines in the corners of your mouth. Additionally, Radiesse is approved to restore lost volume in the backs of your hands, minimizing visible veins and tendons, and giving you a smooth, youthful look.

Choosing the best cosmetic fillers for your needs

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a dermal filler, including your aesthetic goals and your body’s unique structure. After an in-office consultation, your medical provider can help select the right treatment for you based on an assessment of your skin and features as well as your answers to the following questions:

  • What areas do you want to treat?

  • Do you prefer subtle changes or a more dramatic look?

  • How long do you want results to last?

Achieve your aesthetic goals with dermal fillers at Siti Med Spa in San Diego

At Siti Med Spa, we know dermal fillers aren’t one-size-fits-all. Our team of medical specialists is committed to designing a treatment plan with the best cosmetic fillers to meet your needs. By taking the time to understand your goals and discuss your questions and concerns, we’ll do everything we can to help you boost your beauty confidence so you can dazzle your Instagram followers all summer and beyond.

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