The Best Winter Skin Care Tips

The Best Winter Skin Care Tips

Now that the weather has cooled off, you may have noticed that suddenly, the skin care products that were working so well in summer no longer give you the same results. No matter what skin type you have, winter often proves to be a particularly tricky time for skin care. The cooler weather plus central heating and dry indoor air cause skin to become dehydrated, leading to flakiness, excessive oil production, breakouts, or skin irritation and redness.

If you want to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant in the winter months, you’ll need to adjust your skin care routine. Of course, a winter skin care routine for dry skin will look slightly different than a winter skin care routine for oily skin, but the tips below will give you an idea of some general adjustments that everyone can make to minimize winter skin problems.

Switch to a cream cleanser

Although foaming cleansers tend to result in a squeaky clean feeling, they often strip away oil and result in dry skin, particularly in the winter when your skin doesn’t produce as much oil. Switching to a cream, oil, or milk cleanser in winter can help keep your skin from drying out. For those with oily skin, a cream foaming cleanser can help combat oiliness without completely stripping the skin. Be sure to stay away from any cleanser containing sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate, both of which are harsh and irritating to the skin.


To keep your skin looking healthy and radiant despite the dry air of winter, you’ll need to switch out your light moisturizing lotions for richer creams. Adding a toner or hydrating serum to your skincare routine will also go a long way toward maintaining soft, supple skin in the winter months. Using a humidifier at night can help keep your skin hydrated as well.


Use a gentle exfoliator to remove dry skin cells so they don’t stick around and clog your pores. Exfoliation also enhances the effectiveness of your moisturizing creams, but be careful not to overdo it. Too much exfoliation can irritate and inflame skin. Two to three times a week should suffice.  

Keep up with sleep and stress-management strategies

The winter months can get pretty hectic, and for many people, the holidays add an extra layer of stress. When we’re stressed, our skin produces excess oil and becomes more sensitive and vulnerable to irritants. It’s important to get sufficient sleep every night and keep stress levels at a minimum by way of yoga, massage, and other relaxation techniques if you want to keep your skin looking gorgeous and glowing through the winter season.

Maintain a consistent skin care routine

Travel, parties, and holiday preparations often result in overly packed schedules during the winter months. While you may be tempted to skimp on your skin care routine in order to save time or squeeze in just 10 more minutes of online gift shopping, it’s not advisable. Sleeping in your makeup, for instance, can lead to clogged pores, pimples, dry skin, and even the breakdown of collagen by an increased exposure to free radicals.  

Choose the right products

Keeping your skin looking bright and youthful depends heavily on using the right products. Your skin will always be at its most beautiful when it gets what it needs, but knowing exactly what that is isn’t always obvious. If you’re struggling to achieve youthful, radiant skin, you may benefit dramatically from seeking the help of a professional who can help you determine your skin’s needs and find the right products to get the results you’re looking for this winter and beyond.  

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