Start The New Year With Younger Looking Hands

 Younger Looking Hands Siti Med Spa

Take a look at your hands. Like the rings of a tree, each line, wrinkle, and spot represents the passage of time. Each year leaves its mark.

But what if this year was different? What if this year, instead of adding another flaw, you erase the signs of aging? With hand rejuvenation treatments from Siti Med Spa, it’s possible.

Plump up the volume

As you age, collagen production within your body declines. Without this vital protein, your skin begins to lose its elasticity, becoming thin and loose. And nowhere on your body is this phenomenon more evident than on the backs of your hands. Tendons and bones become more prominent. Veins create unsightly bulges. Crepey skin sits loosely on your knuckles.

But there’s a solution to sagging, sunken hands: a revolutionary treatment called Radiesse. The first and only dermal filler approved by the FDA for hands, Radiesse restores the natural fullness of your youth. Injected beneath the skin, it not only provides an immediate boost of volume, but over time, it also helps your body regenerate the natural collagen it needs to stay young looking and fresh. One quick visit to our office, and you can have plump results that last all year long.

Smooth out the surface

There’s more than one way to treat your wrinkled, aging hands. To eliminate fine lines, scarring, and sun damage to the surface of the skin, there’s Total FX. Total FX skin resurfacing combines two types of fractional CO2 laser treatments: ActiveFX and DeepFX. The ActiveFX laser uses a broad beam of light to minimize superficial imperfections of the skin, such as textural abnormalities or discoloration. DeepFX, on the other hand, has a narrow microbeam, perfect for stimulating collagen production and smoothing wrinkles deep beneath the surface. Treatment sessions are gentle, recovery time is fast, and the results will last for years to come.

Lighten dark spots

Years of sun exposure and hormonal changes can leave the backs of your hands looking mottled and discolored. They also make you look significantly older than you are – there’s a reason they’re known as “age spots.” And while Total FX can help eliminate discoloration, we also offer some laser-free options in the form of topical treatments.

Chemical peels can give your hands a youthful glow by removing the top layer of damaged skin cells to reveal the healthy, unmarred skin beneath. Additionally, we have a number of skincare products that reduce the appearance of dark spots, including the Lytera Skin Brightening System from SkinMedica, which uses a mild Retinol to restore your hands to their naturally radiant state.

Protect your investment

No matter which type of hand rejuvenation treatment you opt for, you’re going to want to protect your investment. To ensure your hands stay looking fresh and young for as long as possible, always protect your skin from the elements. Use a high-quality moisturizer to combat the drying effects of frequent handwashing, and make sure you slather on sunscreen whenever you’re out and about.

Turn back the hands of time

Siti Med Spa can help you start the New Year with younger looking hands. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is eager and ready to answer any questions you have about our hand rejuvenation services. Call us at (619) 717-8484 to set up your free consultation today.