Morning Beauty Hacks for the Busy Mom


Now that school is back in session, moms are once again scrambling to get everyone out the door in the morning. And in the rush of making lunches and gathering backpacks and ensuring outfits are weather appropriate, a mom’s beauty routine usually gets bumped to the bottom of the priority list, if it makes the list at all.

If you’re a busy mom, you shouldn’t have to settle for looking less than your best. That’s why we’ve compiled these morning beauty hacks that simplify routines and save time so you can leave the house with confidence and style.

Use paper towels on wet hair

If blow drying eats up a chunk of your morning, trying squeezing your wet hair with paper towels first—they might be thinner than terrycloth bath towels but they’re much more absorbent (the Brawny hunk doesn’t lie).

Skip the mascara—forever

We all know the perils of applying mascara in haste—or worse, while driving—so why not give it up entirely? Cosmetic treatments like Latisse make eyelashes thicker, darker and longer, so unless you’re going full-glam, you’ll never need to wield a mascara brush in traffic again.

Master the messy bun

Ponytails have been the Bad Hair Day go-to forever, so if you’re looking for a fresher ‘do for busy mornings, try a messy bun—which is just one step further than a high ponytail. Twist your ponytail into a loose bun, secure with a few bobby pins, and pull a few wisps out for effortless style.

Finger-blot your lipstick

If you but a single minute to do your makeup, you might not have a chance to properly blot your lipstick, which could lead to an embarrassing lipstick-on-teeth situation later. Instead of struggling with tissue in your car mirror, just stick your finger in your mouth, close your lips around it, pull it out and boom—no pink-smeared pearly whites today.

Wash your bangs

If there’s no time for a full hair wash—or no time for a shower at all—you can give the illusion of freshness by washing only your bangs. If you don’t have bangs, wash the front chunk of hair where bangs would be and brush back into a ponytail; by the time it dries, no one will be the wiser. Dry shampoo is another option to quickly banish grease, but many people don’t appreciate the dandruff-like residue.

Hand lotion frizz control

Even when you do have the time to style your hair, wind, humidity, or other environmental conditions can undo your efforts in minutes. Try this to tame unwelcome frizz on the go: rub a very small amount of hand lotion in your hands and run your fingers through hair. But be sure not to use too much. Greasy isn’t exactly a step up from frizzy.

Keep tinted lip gloss handy

For those mornings when time is so tight you’ll just have to forego makeup entirely, a quick swipe of tinted lip gloss will freshen your face with color. Bonus: you can also use tinted lip gloss and lipstick as blush—just rub some on your fingers and blend into your cheeks for a quick, healthy glow.

Invest in quality skincare

The lip gloss trick is a good one, but imagine if your “all natural” face looked fresh and youthful enough to glow without the help of makeup? Investing in quality skincare products with antioxidants and retinoids—like SkinMedica products, which are scientifically formulated and clinically tested to rejuvenate skin—will enhance your natural appearance, so a day without makeup doesn’t have to be a disaster.

Need help with your morning hacks?

Siti Med Spa in San Diego offers SkinMedica products, Latisse treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, acne treatment, and a full range of other beauty services. So if your hectic morning routine could use a helping hand, give us a call at (619) 717-8484 to schedule an appointment or a skincare consultation.