Hand Rejuvenation Treatment in San Diego with Radiesse

Anti-Aging Treatment for Your Hands

No matter how refreshed and youthful your face may look, your hands can be little tattletales that give away your age. The skin on the back of your hands is actually thinner than the skin on your face or neck, so as your skin gets thinner with age, any loss of volume to your hands can make the skin look loose, wrinkly and aged. Luckily, there is an amazing hand rejuvenation treatment available at Siti Med Spa in San Diego called RADIESSE®, a hand filler treatment that can restore your hands to their youthful glory. To learn more, contact us by calling (619) 717-8484.

What is RADIESSE® Hand Rejuvenation?

While RADIESSE® may be more well known as a dermal filler that can treat wrinkles and fine lines on your face, RADIESSE® is also the first and only FDA-approved product for hand augmentation to correct volume loss in the hands. RADIESSE restores volume to the hands while providing smooth, natural-looking results.

Am I a Good Candidate For RADIESSE®?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your hands and want to eradicate signs of age such as wrinkles and fine lines then RADIESSE® hand rejuvenation is likely a good option for you. Over time, you lose natural volume from your hands that can make them appear much older than the rest of your body, so RADIESSE® aims to restore that volume to take decades off your hands. Below are some signs you may be a good candidate for RADIESSE®:

  • You have lost volume in your hands

  • You have age spots on your hands

  • Your hands are very wrinkled and thin

  • You want to improve the tone and color of the skin on your hands

  • Tendons and veins are very easily visible on your hands.

How Does RADIESSE® Work?

RADIESSE® works to rejuvenate the appearance of your hand by using particles found naturally in your bones. These particles, called calcium hydroxyapatite, work by filling in lost volume in your skin and jumpstarting the production of natural collagen in the target area. The injection is housed in a water-based gel, allowing for natural-looking results. When combined with other procedures and treatments, RADIESSE® can also treat other skin concerns and problems.

What Can I Expect From RADIESSE® Hand Filler Treatment?

RADIESSE® provides results that can be seen immediately, with your hands looking much softer and smoother as soon as you walk out of the office. The treatment will also increase the volume of your hands, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. After the procedure, there will be little to no downtime and you can go about your day without any caution or restrictions. The results can last anywhere from 6 months to 18 months, depending on the individual, but in most cases, you will see results for around a year.

RADIESSE® Hand Rejuvenation Treatment in San Diego

At Siti Med Spa in San Diego, our highly trained providers are certified in RADIESSE® for hands. We can get your hands looking more vibrant and youthful, drastically reducing the appearance of wrinkles while increasing the volume in your hands. If you are interested in scheduling a RADIESSE® consultation or have any further questions, contact us today at (619) 717-8484.