Prevent Ingrown Hairs with Laser Hair Removal

woman shaving causing ingrown hairs 

If you live in San Diego, you know that beach season never actually ends. While perfect weather comes with plenty of perks, constantly reaching for your razor to maintain your bikini zone can spell trouble for sensitive skin “down there.” Ladies, you know what we’re talking about: ingrown hairs. Next to cellulite, there’s nothing that can kill your confidence more than unsightly red bumps blazing along your bikini line.

If you’re tired of painful ingrown hairs tainting your pubic area, it’s time to take care of the problem once and for all. Clearly, your razor isn’t cutting it. Waxing isn’t much better, and it’s a 10/10 on the pain scale. Getting a Brazilian? Forget about it. Luckily, there’s a much more effective way to prevent ingrown hairs for long-lasting results you can see and feel – laser hair removal.

What causes ingrown hairs?

You know you can’t stand those painful, inflamed bumps in your pubic area, but what causes them? A hair becomes ingrown when, after removal, instead of pushing out of the skin, the hair grows sideways and curls back into the skin. Ingrown hairs typically happen after shaving, as opposed to waxing or sugaring, as the razor causes the tips of the hairs to become sharp, preventing them from growing out properly.

Prevent ingrown hairs with laser hair removal

Laser hair removal targets the root cause of ingrown hairs for a flawless bikini line you won’t have to think twice about on impromptu beach days. Logically, the best way to prevent ingrown hairs is to eliminate the culprit – the hair itself. With laser hair removal, an intense beam of light passes through the skin to target the follicles of unwanted hair. The light is absorbed by melanin in the hair and, as the light turns to heat, the follicles are destroyed, preventing future hair growth.

Cutera CoolGlide laser for ingrown hairs

At Siti Med Spa, we use the Cutera CoolGlide laser to remove the hair in your pubic area so you can toss your razors for good. The CoolGlide features a unique design, longer wavelength, and innovative cooling technology to offer extremely effective, safe, and permanent results without damaging surrounding tissue. In other words, laser hair removal is way less painful than waxing and provides better results.

While everyone experiences pain differently, most patients describe the feeling of laser hair removal as a mild pinching or stinging sensation as the pulse of light is delivered to the hair follicles. Depending on the amount of inflammation you have at the time of treatment, you may feel a greater degree of discomfort. We do our absolute best to mitigate pain by offering a topical anesthetic. And, as the name implies, the CoolGlide’s high-tech handpiece cools and soothes as it glides across your skin.

How long before you see results? Patients typically require three to six laser hair removal treatments for long-term benefits. However, it’s not uncommon to see a difference in the amount of ingrown hairs after just one session. It all depends on your hair thickness, treatment area, and hair growth cycle. We can outline a more personalized treatment plan at your consultation.

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At Siti Med Spa, we’re proud to offer the best laser hair removal system on the market to permanently reduce and prevent ingrown hairs. If you’re ready to scale down your beauty routine without sacrificing your confidence in a bikini, you may be a perfect candidate for laser hair removal. Call us today at (619) 717-8484 to schedule your consultation.