Here Are the Best Benefits of Dermapen Micro-Needling


As an adult, there are many things from your awkward teenage years you can look back upon fondly. The embarrassing details of your first kiss, the totally outdated dress you wore to prom, and your first college party, to name a few. In the same breath, however, we all have aspects of our past we’d rather forget. 

If you were like 85 percent of teens, you probably had acne at some point during your pre-adult years. Though the blemishes have slowly healed through the passage of time, the pimples that once plagued your complexion may have left behind skin indentations and discoloration in the form of acne scars. 

At Siti Med Spa in San Diego, many of our patients come to us with concerns about acne scars that have altered the tone and texture of their skin. The good news is that the damage is reversible. Siti Med Spa offers the latest advancements in skin rejuvenation to re-texturize the skin and give the appearance of a smooth, healthy complexion.

When it comes to acne scars, one of the most commonly requested skin care treatments we receive is DermaPen Micro-Needling. Although it’s not as definitively effective as laser treatments, such as Total FX Laser Skin Resurfacing, DermaPen Micro-Needling can deliver many of the same benefits at a more affordable price point.

How does DermaPen Micro-Needling work?

The DermaPen is a motorized instrument that uses a disposable needle tip to create small “wounds” in your skin at the site of acne scars, wrinkles or sun damage. But don’t worry – it’s not painful. Superficial treatment levels are tolerable with nothing more than some topical numbing gel. 

As soon as you receive a DermaPen treatment, your body responds by producing new collagen and skin cells. This means the acne scars you’ve been dealing with for years begin healing immediately. The changes that follow a DermaPen treatment are often dramatic and quick, as your skin naturally heals itself every 45 days.

How deep does the DermaPen go?

The level of penetration really depends on the results you’re looking for. Light penetration with the DermaPen opens the skin long enough for specific treatment serums to effectively absorb. If you’re hoping to reverse the signs of sun damage and light scarring, mid penetration can have a positive impact on skin texture and tone. To heal acne scars and stretch marks, the DermaPen must penetrate at a deeper level.

Benefits of DermaPen Micro-Needling

The benefits of DermaPen Micro-Needling go far beyond healing old acne scars. Additional benefits of treatment include:

  • Reduced superficial wrinkles on the face and lips

  • Improvement in overall skin tone and texture

  • Minimized appearance of skin pores

  • Increased product absorption

  • Improved skin texture on the neck

  • Textural improvements to the chest

  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks

DermaPen Micro-Needling is most commonly used for facial treatments, but it can successfully be used on any area of the body.

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