Why Siti Offers the Best Laser Hair Removal in San Diego


It’s August 2016. The phone rings. It’s your best friend calling from in front of your house to say she’s on her way to the beach and wants you to play hooky with her. It’s deep summer, a perfect San Diego beach day, and there are only three things that could keep you from saying yes. 

Obstacle 1: You’re expected to show up at work.
Solution: Call in. You’ve racked up sick days/personal days, and you deserve a break. Besides, studies say playing hooky every so often will make you more productive in the long run. 
Challenge Level: Easy

Obstacle 2: Nothing to wear
Solution: Um…there is no problem/obstacle here because there’s no dress code at the beach. Whatever you wear (or don’t wear) will be just fine. 
Challenge level: See above

Obstacle 3: Unwanted hair growing in places you’d rather not discuss
Solution: Yikes! Let’s see…Go back in time and get laser hair removal so you don’t have this problem in the first place? 
Challenge level: Very difficult, but we believe in you!

Welcome to the past!

Congratulations! Now that you’ve made it all the back to March 2016, you have time for three or four laser hair removal treatments before your best friend shows up for a day of hooky. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. 

At Siti Med Spa, we are your answer to unwanted hair. Our Cutera CoolGlide laser is the best laser hair removal system on the market today. It can permanently reduce unwanted hair from all parts of your body including your: 

  • Face
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Nipples
  • Bikini Line

Unlike lesser hair removal lasers that require a light-skin-dark-hair combination to work effectively, the CoolGlide works on all skin types, from light to dark – even tanned skin!

Because the Cutera CoolGlide hand piece cools and soothes as it glides along your skin, most patients don’t even require a topical anesthetic or pain medication. For those more sensitive to the laser light pulses (which create a mild pinching or stinging sensation), a topical anesthetic is available.  

For best results, most parts of your body will require three to six laser hair removal sessions. The reason for this is that hair grows through three phases: active growth, regression, and resting. Laser hair removal treatment works best when hair is at the active growth stage, but not all hair is at the same stage at the same time. With multiple treatments, however, we can significantly and permanently reduce the hair in a given area, and you’ll notice the growth thin out each time.

In between sessions, we advise you not to wax or pluck your hair, but you can shave.  

Whew! Right?

Also, be sure to use sunscreen on any treated areas exposed to the sun. 


By the time your bestie shows up at your door in August, you’ll be ready to call your boss with a great excuse, throw on that cute new beach cover-up you now have five months to buy, and head out the door – worry free. 

At Siti Med Spa, we want to help you get beach ready so you can say yes to hooky at the last minute. Call us or stop by to schedule your first laser hair removal treatment.