The Laser Tattoo Removal Process and Treatment Risks

Tattoo Removal: How it works

Do you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you think about your tattoo?

Are you embarrassed and afraid of being judged when others see it? Whether it was poorly drawn, impulsively purchased, or representative of a time in your life you’ve simply outgrown, an unwanted tattoo can be a serious source of shame. And in some cases, it can prevent you from moving forward in your career or in your life.
The good news is that you’re not stuck with it forever. Using the latest developments in laser technology, Siti Med Spa can help you get rid of that regrettable tattoo – permanently.

Out with the old

If you’ve researched laser tattoo removal in the past, you may have been turned off by what you found – and understandably so. Older lasers use high levels of heat to melt the ink away, putting patients at great risk of burning and scars. What’s more, with those old lasers, it’s often a painful, lengthy process with unreliable, and sometimes unsatisfactory, results. Even after a dozen or more treatments, residual traces of pigment can still linger beneath the skin. And in some cases, the end result of tattoo removal with old lasers can look worse than the tattoo itself. 

Introducing enlighten™ laser tattoo removal

Fortunately, recent technological advances have revolutionized the process of laser tattoo removal. With the enlighten™ laser we use here at Siti Med Spa, tattoos can be removed more quickly and completely than in years past, with a much lower risk of permanent scarring. Using both nanonsecond and picosecond laser technology, enlighten™ sends light pulses in multiple wavelengths delivered at high-power to the ink embedded beneath your skin. This technology allows us to target the ink at various depths – providing far more desirable results than ever before. So if you’ve been putting off tattoo removal because of what you’ve seen in the past, you can safely put those fears aside.

The enlighten™ experience

An initial consultation with a Siti Med Spa team member will help you determine how many sessions will be needed to ensure the complete removal of your tattoo. In general, most tattoos can be removed in as little as three to six sessions, but this can vary depending on the size, color, depth, and quality of the tattoo. 

During treatment, the enlighten™ laser penetrates the skin, breaking up the ink beneath the surface into tiny particles. These particles are then absorbed into your body and eliminated through your lymphatic system. There will likely be a bit of discomfort – some patients liken the sensation to a grease splatter or the snap of a rubber band – but topical anesthetics are used to help you feel more comfortable during the procedure. Immediately afterward, you may experience redness or swelling in the affected area, but these side effects are temporary and should fade rather quickly.

A worry-free solution

Unlike traditional laser tattoo removal, the enlighten™ experience is virtually risk-free. Approved for all skin types and ink colors, it’s been found to cause less blistering and fewer pigmentary changes, while also being more effective at removing stubborn blue and green inks that once posed such a challenge. Permanent damage and scarring is extremely rare, and you should experience no downtime after your treatments.

So it’s time to say goodbye to tattoo regret once and for all. Give Siti Med Spa a call at (619) 717-8484, and see what the enlighten™ laser can do for you.